Dr. Gulnar Maharramova


Specialist Endodontist and Educator

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Internationally recognized as a foremost expert in all aspects of clinical endodontics, Dr. Gulnar Maharramova is a leading Specialist Endodontist in Azerbaijan and is also acclaimed for providing endodontic education through her teachings. She is the founder of Endo Azerbaijan, an international educational program in Baku, Azerbaijan. Endo Azerbaijan is Azerbaijan’s first microscopic endodontic training course and Dr. Maharramova has trained many dentists microscope - assisted endodontic techniques.

Dr. Maharramova is natively fluent in Russian and Azerbaijani. She is professionally fluent in English, Turkish and German.

European Society of Endodontology

Dr. Maharramova is the only Endodontist in Azerbaijan to be ever certified by the European Society of Endodontology (ESE).

Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation

Dr. Maharramova is the only Endodontist in Azerbaijan to be a member of the Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation (APEC).

Azdent Dental Clinic, Baku

Endodontic dental services provided :

  • Microscopic Root Canal treatment

  • Re-treatment of root canal

  • Sedation

  • CBCT

Endodontic personalised & individual hands - on microscopic introductory and advanced courses

Dr. Maharramova’s courses are individualy designed, just for you, to uniquely meet your specific needs. One-on-One training accelerates peak personal performance and is conducted in an energetic, comfortable and clinic-enriched environment in Dr. Maharramova’s workspace in Baku, Azerbaijan. With immense teaching experience under her belt, Dr. Maharramova knows exactly how to guide you toward your practice vision. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with Dr. Maharramova allows you to discuss anything and everything. Please visit the course page to read more.