Dr. Gulnar Maharramova - MD

Internationally recognized as a foremost expert in all aspects of clinical endodontics, Dr. Gulnar Maharramova is a leading Specialist Endodontist in Azerbaijan and is also acclaimed for providing endodontic education through her teachings. She is the founder of Endo Azerbaijan, an international educational program in Baku, Azerbaijan. Endo Azerbaijan is Azerbaijan’s first microscopic endodontic training course and Dr. Maharramova has trained many dentists microscope-assisted endodontic techniques. She is well-known for her ability to empower colleagues and motivate clinicians towards their full potential. With over a dozen referral doctors, she shares her daily endodontic practice by posting case videos and X-rays regularly on her various social media accounts.

She currently works at AzDent Clinic, Baku. AzDent is Azerbaijan’s first premium dental clinic.

In September of 2019, she was invited to the Department of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery of Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named after A. Aliyev university to establish the country’s first Endodontics specialization course. Since its inception, her classes have been very well received. Currently, she teaches practicing dentists on a bi-monthly basis.

European Society of Endodontology

Dr. Maharramova is the only Endodontist in Azerbaijan to be ever certified by the European Society of Endodontology (ESE).

Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation

Dr. Maharramova is the only Endodontist in Azerbaijan to be a member of the Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation (APEC).

Professional Affiliations

Dr. Maharramova is a leading key opinion leader for many brands. In addition to her private courses, she regularly conducts group lectures, seminars, workshops and webinars in partnership with the local distributors in Azerbaijan and with brands worldwide, to educate students and peers on the latest endodontic advancements and techniques.

Dr. Maharramova is also a key product test expert and brands often publish her tests and findings on their new products. Over time, she has tested products for VDW Dental, Septodont, Medesy, Produits Dentaires SA, Endostar, FKG Dentaire SA, Fanta Dental, Guilin Woodpecker, Medcem, Itena Clinical, Shenzhen Perfect Medical Instruments, easyinSmile, TiaDent and Eighteeth (Sifary Medical).

During her internship, Dr. Maharramova practiced daily general dentistry and was also in-charge of the clinic’s 2d and 3d X-Ray laboratory. She was the main in-house software and hardware technician, making many patient-specific solutions while enabling fellow dentists to use digital technologies for better, safer, and faster dentistry. She was also responsible for exchanging data and information between the practice and referring dentists.

Educational Background

Dr. Maharramova graduated with a Doctorate in Medicine (MD) from Azerbaijan University. She regularly attends conferences and talks worldwide to stay up to date with the advancements in the field.

Dr. Maharramova is natively fluent in Russian and Azerbaijani. She is professionally fluent in English, Turkish and German.