Microscopic endodontic case demonstration using Medesy endodontic instruments

A case to showcase Guilin Woodpecker's Endomotor Motopex

Endomotor Motopex Hands-on demonstration | Guilin Woodpecker

V Blue | Perfect Endo

TG6 | Perfect Endo

MAP One | Produits Dentaires SA

Race EVO sequences | FKG Dentaire SA

Tooth 27, Pulp necrosis, Root canal treatment

XP-endo Shaper | FKG Dentaire SA

Tooth 14, Pulp necrosis

XP-endo Retreatment | FKG Dentaire SA

Tooth 17, Chronic apical periodontitis, Selective retreatment of buccal roots, Removal of broken spreader fragment from a distal root, missed canal in MB root

Race Evo | FKG Dentaire SA

Tooth 16, Acute Pulpitis, NSRCT

Pillar Fiber Post | TiaDent

Teeth 44 & 45, Chronic Apical Periodontitis, Retreatment Case

Tornado Blue files | TiaDent

Tooth 27, Chronic Apical Periodontitis, Retreatment Case

G3-Pro Gold files | easyinSmile

Tooth 37, Acute pulpitis, Complex anatomy

MTA and MAP One | Produits Dentaires

Tooth 25, Iatrogenic Perforation, Acute Pulpitis, Access through artificial crown

Irriflex and EssenSeal | Produits Dentaires

Tooth 46, Chronic Apical Periodontitis

X-Pro Gold files | easyinSmile

Tooth 17, Chronic Apical Periodontitis, Retreatment Case, Broken File Removal

Easydo Activator | easyinSmile

Tooth 46, Chronic Apical Periodontitis, Root resorption

E3 Azure Files | Endostar

Test on an extracted tooth

Mtwo Files | VDW Dental

Tooth 46, Irreversible Pulpitis

Sterile C-Pilot Files | VDW Dental

Tooth 26, Chronic Apical Periodontitis with Fistula, Retreatment Case

2Seal easymiX | VDW Dental

Tooth 46, Irreversible pulpitis

Reciproc Blue | VDW Dental

Tooth 16, Pulp necrosis

Distal and mesial surfaces of upper left molar restored by means of the new EasyinSmile Profect matrix system

Pulpotomy with MTA BioRep | ITENA Clinical

Race Evo | FKG Dentaire SA

Tooth 1

Tooth 2

Tooth 3

Opacal - Calcium Hydroxide Paste | Produits Dentaires SA

Tooth #25, Endo-perio Lesion with Fistula, Calcium Hydroxide Dressing

R-Motion | FKG Dentaire SA

Tooth 1

Tooth 2

Tooth 3

Endodontic materials | Septodont

CS 1006 Single Toothbrush | Curaprox

Endodontic materials | Medcem